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What People are Saying



Superior Pharmaceuticals have been known for quality products from day one, since I started using Sumether Plus range of products, including the tablet, suspension and injection, we have been hearing patients appreciating it, and we hardly have complaints. These products are well packaged while the quality has been second to none. I use Sumether suspension for my kids, the love the flavouring and it makes it very easy to use for kids, last but not the least, Sumether is cost effective considering its efficacy, it should be in the class of the lonant and co. but its sumether for me any day, any time.


Sumether Plus is the choice of malaria because of its efficacy. I have used it and also treated my family members with it and it yielded positive results.

Dr. Amir Virani, LAGOS CLINIC

I have used and treated my patients with Sumether plus tablet and suspension. The results have been very excellent, I therefore recommend Sumether plus for use in the treatment of malaria.


Just want to say that this product is likely as every customer that buys it would be glad, it is always made available in the market.

Kingsley Sunday, KADUNA.

My name is Kingsley Sunday,lived in Kaduna. In September 2017, I felt sick,even when taking several antimalarials. I went to Wilbasun specialist Hospital in Kaduna,where the doctor prescribed SUMETHER plus for me ,the dosage was for 3days,but at the 3 tablets I regain strength and after the completion of the dosage,I have never been sick again, even up till December.

Thanks for Sumether plus.

Dr. Chibuzor Agugua

Dr.Chibuzor Agugua is my name. I personally used Sumether Suspension on my little baby,and the response was fantastic. After which,I have continued writing it for my patients in the hospital, recommended it to my doctor colleagues, and there has never been any complain.

The superiority of the product can’t be compromised.


Some months back at the peak of the rainy season, august precisely, my one year old daughter took ill with malaria, she was not eating, she had high body temperature.
We (my wife and I) noticed this at night when pharmacy shops and PMS were all closed. I was worried and confused as any father would be at such a time. Then I remembered I had a sample pack of Sumether plus suspension which I use to show to my customers. I now decided to give her that night. Two hours later, we noticed she was sweating and she requested for food, by the morning she woke us up with by scattering her toys accompanied with loud noise. This gave me a first hand experience on the efficacy of Sumether plus.

Mr Fredrick, Bons Medicals Abagana

Sumether plus tab is a quality product. When combined with the superior Cipro, it’s the best for treating malaria and typhoid. For each of my customer I recommend it, they come back after taking it to get for their relatives.
Obinwanne Hospital Nimo.

U. C Onyiaorah, Obinwanne Hospital Nimo Pharm

I have tried other ranges of ACT 80/480mg and sumether-plus tab is the best. It’s highly efficacious. I strongly recommend it to everyone in need of Ds 80/480mg.

Sunny Chris, Operator of Sunny Chris Medicals at Garki

I Sunny Chris, Operator of Sunny Chris Medicals at Garki have marketed and treated my patients with Sumether plus tab for two months, there has been no complaints about it, it’s very effective and would regularly recommend it.

Cleon Pharmacy, New Heaven, Enugu

My name is Bright Ndubuisi, pharmacist at Cleon Pharmacy, New Heaven, Enugu. Sumether plus tab is the right name for malarial cases anytime. It’s a loyal therapy for my patients.

Malcolm Christian

Malcolm Christian, I used it, works, works, works and never failed me. I didn’t stop there, I passed it on!
Give me Sumether and I will conquer malarial with no doubts.

Obi jerry chinedu, medical representative

I, Obi jerry chinedu,a medical representative with superior pharmaceuticals Ltd can also testify the efficacy of our tab sumether plus, when i had malaria after going for objective diagnosis(malaria parasite test), i decided to take our tab sumether plus tablet, after three days of the drug administration, i became strong and healthy , i really appreciate the company for these highly qualitative and efficacious drug.

Ebikhuye Augustine, Superior Pharma Ltd

This letter is to share with you my experience with Sumether Plus tablet 80/480mg . I took ill on the 15/11/17, and I was tested positve for malaria by Global Standard Laboratory,Aba. Mr Francis Njoku ,the Lab Scientist carried out the test and recommended Sumether Plus Tab 80/480mg for me.
The drug worked for me and I tested negative for Malaria on confirmatory test.Since then,Sumether Plus has been my choice of drug recommended for family and friends.

Ebikhuye Augustine.